Friday, December 7, 2012

The Christmas Tree

The Christmas Tree always had a special place in my heart. Each year my father pulled out the artificial tree and methodically strung the lights on the tree, carefully placed the ornaments on the tree and then with a keen eye hung the tinsel artistically on the tree.

It's a tradition that I've gladly taken over and I enjoy almost all parts of it. I've even made stringing the lights into a pleasant Christmas experience by putting in the Michael Buble Christmas CD and get the kids involved a bit. I don't know how long I'll have them excited about putting up lights, since they're quite young. I'm hoping to get one of those pre-lit trees by the time they lose their naivite and this will speed up the process so they can get to what they really want to do... Hang the decorations.

The lights went much better and faster on the tree than they did on the roof. Once that was done it was onto the ornaments. I passed this part over to the kids who where getting more and more antsy about helping out more. With the help of their mom they started placing the orbs and other ornaments on the tree.

We have ornaments that we've been gathering over the years during our travels around town, on our trips and that have special meaning for us. Some of the ornaments we have...the first ornament my wife and I bought together when we were dating... ornaments from our trips to costa rica, bahamas, quebec city... an ornament that I got in Newfoundland when I went to go spread my fathers ashes in the Atlantic... and "my first christmas" ornaments for both my daughters. There are many more and we're either going to have to get a bigger tree or start rotating the ornaments each year.

So the kids eagerly decorate the tree but my little one hasn't quite gotten the idea of symmetry yet and before we knew it we had a ton of similar ornaments all gathered around the bottom of the tree. At least she had fun.

Finally, after all ornaments are placed and the fiberoptic angel is at the top of the tree on go the lights.

We sit back and enjoy the sparkle and wonderment in their eyes.

It's not a designer tree or one that has a specific theme but it is one that we love and has a lot of special meaning

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