Friday, October 29, 2010

Church Bells

This was the church in my home town of Travemunde in northern Germany. A small resort town of 20000 that balloons up to 80000-100000 during the summer months.

Even when my dad was growing up he was a bit of a trouble maker. Ok, let's be honest... He was a S**T disturber. When he was young he made the life of the Lutheran minister quite difficult. One of the things he loved doing was to sneak into the church and go to the church bell tower. He would proceed to ring the bells. Aside from the great noise it would make it had another benefit. You could ride the ropes up and down as the church bell was ringing. He could probably get a good 5 or 6 feet in the air doing this.

This only went on for so long before the minister would hear what was happening and try to chase him down. When my dad saw him coming he would dash down to church basement where there were tunnels that ran to the neighbouring school (which was another source of mischief for him).

He was only caught a couple of times but the punishments never really deterred him.

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