Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Kenny Rogers

I think I only saw my dad without facial hair once in the 34 years that I knew him. When we emmigrated to Canada in 1976 my dad had a full beard which later became a goatee.

We never thought he resembled Kenny Rogers all that much. However, from time to time during the late 70's and early 80's when Kenny came to play concerts in Ottawa, my dad would have women running up to him screaming and asking for his autograph. Pretty surreal, but I`m sure he loved every second of it.

Now, my dad was a good looking guy and all, but I doubt he would have had a reaction like that if he didn't look a little bit like him. I guess he resembled Kenny more than we thought.

This might be why I have a strange fascination with Kenny Rogers songs and his movies. I'm sure it didn't help that my parents would play his albums all the time and, even though I haven't listened to one of his songs in years, I could probably recite several of his songs by heart. Lucille, The Gambler, You Decorated My Life. Classic Kenny. 

I also loved the movie Six Pack. Still do, and I'll play the movie for my kids when they`re older. Kenny was a race car driver who ended up taking care of 6 orphaned kids who worked as his pit crew. Kind of like Talladega nights without the Will Ferrell zaniness. It was a really fun movie and probably one of Anthony Michael Hall's first films.

On a side note: In his later years, my Dad`s physical appearance and Kenny`s deviated quite substantially. Probably due to the fact that my dad never had plastic surgery. It`s nice to see what Kenny would have looked like if he never had the plastic surgery.


  1. I wanted to look like Kenny. Except now. I'll take a natural face over a plastic face any day.

  2. :) . FYI... This is the wink emoticon but he just had a botox injection